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Hi Beauties!
For some reason the fact that I was feeling down and bored with the world didn't took my appetite for shopping... it diminish it no doubt... but the bug was still there!

I used to be a complete shopping maniac! I would want to buy everything beauty related (and I say want, because I'm not rich or crazy... manly not rich, but...), but now I only shop from time to time when I see something that I really want or need... and when I saw the new Zoeva palettes and brushes and went of the orbit! I needed them (believe me).

With that said, I hope you enjoy my makeup haul... and bare in mind that I didn't bought all at once. It's things I bought in the last three months or so:

Liked it?
Well if you are interested in the Zoeva stuff you can check their website! They do ship world wide!

The eyeshadows pots by maybelline I bought here on Switzerland.
The Too faced and Urban Decay stuff I bought on
The rest of the palettes and brushes I bought in Maquillalia.
Maquillalia is a Spanish based online store that ships world wide. It is great to shop there if you live in the Iberian Peninsula because they ship for free. So I normally place my orders at this store and ship them to my parents house in Portugal. Then whenever I go to Portugal or someone from Portugal comes to Switzerland I just ask them to bring me my stuff. I know it takes a while... but the tax fee here on Swiss is absurd.

Anyway, hope you like my shopping!


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