Coppery Eye Makeup Look | For Fall

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Hi guys!
So Fall is officially here and I must confess that though I'm not a Summer person, I miss Summer this year... This was the worst Summer ever!
For the first time in my life, I passed my Summer in Switzerland... And let me tell you it was nothing like I ever knew... First the weather was CRAZY!!! And I mean really crazy! Or it was too hot (more than 40º) or it was too cold (sweater like cold). Second... no beach... Well we have the lake... that has the most cold water none to man (and I'm from the north of Portugal, I'm used to cold water...) and we have swiming pools... not bad... if the weather was good....

Anyways... I just feel like I didn't enjoyed summer the way I wanted to, but... I'm definitely going to enjoy Fall.
So to give Fall a welcome hug I created I simple and easy makeup that is trendy and gorgeous for this heather:

And here is the tutorial! Just press play!


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