Stir Fry Veggies With Chicken

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Today I bring you a new recipe and is one that I have been enjoying quite a lot! Why? Well because it's easy, it's healthy and it's super fast to do!
I will be using my Tefal Actifry Espress Snacking for this one, but if you don't have it you can easily do this recipe in a frying pan (it will take the same measurements and roughly the same time to do it... the only thing you have to do it's stir it...)

Ingredients and measurements (serves 2):

  • Baby Snap Peas (125 gr)
  • Brocolli (200gr)
  • Red Bell Pepper (50gr)
  • Mushrooms (125 gr)
  • Chicken (or other meat of your liking) (200gr)
  • Green Olives (5)
  • Beer (2 TBSP)
  • Olive Oil (2 TBSP)
  • Fish sauce (1 tsp)
  • Salt
  • Garlic Powder
You can try this recipe with other veggies and also go creative on the seasoning, I sometimes add paprika and sweet chili sauce! It taste delicious:

If you want to see me doing this recipe live, click on play:

Xoxo, Marta.

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