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Too Faced Chocolate Soleil VS Milk Chocolate Soleil

Hey gorgeous!
Has some of you might know, I'm a fair skin girl, so finding a bronzer that looks good on my skin is very hard and I have a cool undertone to my skin (and this is the most important factor) which makes it even harder to find good products that match my skin.

When I first learn about Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, I really wanted to try it out... manly because it smelled like chocolate (obviously).

 Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Chocolate Soleil is a rich chocolate brown bronzer, with a cool undertone to it.
It's completely matt and it doesn't look muddy or orangy in the skin what so ever. It looks very natural. It is a little bit intense for someone who has fair skin... but with a light hand you can get a way with it.

 Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil

Milk Chocolate Soleil it's a light milk chocolate bronzer, though this one was a warmer undertone to it. You can definitely see it in the upper pic... this bronzer is lighter than the previous but it also kinda of yellowish...

It looks natural on the skin and you can built it up a little. It's also completely matte and it doesn't look muddy on the skin, but with my skin undertone it looks a little orange. If you have fair to medium light skin with a warm undertone to it, this one is perfect for you... For me however I can pull it of (ironically more easily on the summer time, when I a little tanner than when my skin is at it's palers).
Chocolate Soleil VS Milk Chocolate Soleil
Chocolate Soleil VS Milk Chocolate Soleil

As you can see by the photos, the original Chocolate Soleil is much deeper that the Milk version and also cooler.
As a fair skin girl I though I would love the Milk Chocolate Soleil as my bronzer and maybe contour powder, whenever I wanted a subtle, day time, very wearable thing going on.... but because of the undertone I have to confess that I much prefer the original version. I do have to use it lightly but the result is fabulous.

Xoxo, Marta.


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